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Sunday, December 5, 2010

Countdown to baby, Christmas, and the New Year!

Hello again from Reno!

The Countdown is on! As I mentioned previously, we have decided on a scheduled repeat c-section but if I happen to go into labor before December 8th on my own, then we will go ahead with a VBAC delivery...Although, it doesn't really look like the deck is stacked in my favor, at my most recent office visit, my doctor checked me and at 38 weeks and a couple of days, I wasn't even a full centimeter dilated and I'm not even a little bit effaced...Little miss has dropped quite a bit, in fact she has dropped so much that I have a tendency to feel like I'm walking with a bowling ball between my knees...that being said, she simply has not dropped enough to cause the kind of pressure it would take to make me dilate...DANG!

I'm not giving up hope all together on the VBAC front...according to the American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology, even women who have had as many as two Cesarean sections should be afforded the chance to at least ATTEMPT a VBAC...

With the birth of our little girl just a couple of days away, I can't help but feel that I am not even a little bit prepared for her arrival! I was talking to my dad and he had some good insight, maybe the reason I felt so prepared when Boo was born was that I didn't have a 2 and a half year old to occupy so much of my attention...and I hadn't just moved, and so on and so forth...Also, I don't have an entire room set up for her, since I know I can't get around very quickly after a c-section, she will be sleeping in our room for a while, in a bassinet, and then once she is sleeping through the night, she will be moved into the same room as her brother...It's kind of crazy to think that Boo is going to be a big brother!!

After eight years of being married and not decorating AT ALL for Christmas, my very favorite holiday of the entire year, I finally decided that we needed something to bring out the Christmas spirit, especially with what is essentially a Christmas baby on her way! So I bought a very small (3 feet tall) artificial tree, even though I pretty much have my pick of places to go to get a real tree, neither Jason nor I really want to take care of a real tree, not this year anyway...I also used some of my birthday money to buy a fresh-cut evergreen wreath and I put that on our front door, it smells so good! I must have looked like a crazy person at Costco practically climbing into the bin and smelling for the best smelling wreath! We even have some bells on the doorknob on our front door, I remember having a decoration with bells on it on our front door when I was growing up, and I needed something with bells! I haven't done any baking just yet this year, maybe as we get closer to Christmas!

I'm excited to see what the new year has in store for us as our family grows and we learn to be a family of four instead of just three! My hope is that I can be a good mother to both of my children, I worry that all of my attention will go to the new baby and Boo will just get left out in the cold! I'm pretty sure that is an irrational fear since Boo has his ways of getting attention from me!

I think that is all for now, I will be sure to post in a few days after Little Miss makes her official arrival! I hope everyone is well!

TTFN! Ta Ta For Now!


Sunday, November 28, 2010

A few people have requested pictures be posted!

Even though most if not all of my blog followers are also my friends on facebook, I have a few friends who are not on facebook and want to see some more recent pictures...

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Baby Update!

Hello from Reno!

So, I know I just posted a few days ago, but I thought I would give you another update! I'm now about 36 weeks pregnant, 3 and a half weeks to go! I can make it! I swear I can! The reason I say I have 3 and a half weeks to go is because of what we've opted to do delivery wise...

I would like to attempt a VBAC, and I've been able to convince my doctor that I can do it! However, it turns out that it is one of those "if all the stars align" type deals...Also, I might just change doctors after the birth of this child, mostly because I don't really like the size of the practice that my doctor is with, there are about 11 doctors in the group! So, anyway, according to this practice and their policy, the following things need to happen for me to do a VBAC: My doctor needs to be the one on-call, I have to go into labor on my own (they won't induce for a VBAC), and I have to go into labor by 40 weeks...meaning, I have to have this little girl on or before my due date which is December 14th, otherwise they will do a c-section anyway...

In doing a little bit of thinking, I realized that genetically speaking, the odds are not in my favor. My mother did not have a single one of her babies on or before their due date, her record was 15 days past her due date, that was me! I just didn't feel like being born in October! And my mother's other children who have given birth have gone past their due dates as well. So, what we've decided to do, it to just schedule the section for December 8th and if I happen to go into labor on my own before that, cool! If not, oh well...

Also, I'm working on getting things ready for little miss to make her debut! That silly nesting instinct has hit me pretty hard, I cleaned the apartment for several hours today, and I still feel like it's not clean enough!

Anyway, I think that's all, I hope all is well with everyone!

TTFN!! Ta Ta For Now!


Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Post Election and Other Observations

Hello again from Reno!

Starting with news: I'm only about 4 weeks out from having this little girl! I think she's getting to the over it phase...she's just done being stuck in my belly! More good news! Jason is now working directly for the company that he was contracting for when we initially moved up here! So it looks like this whole Reno thing is going to be pretty long term...Sorry to our Vegas friends, but it looks like we're not coming back anytime soon! Also, we've just accepted an offer on our house, now we just have to wait for the bank to approve it and we'll be good to go! YIPPEE!!

Less than awesome news: I ended up having to go and repeat my one hour glucose screen because my results from my previous doctor's office were never sent...UGH!! So like an idiot I scheduled the repeat test for November 1st...for those of you keeping score, that is the day after Halloween! And what did I do on Halloween? The same thing I've done since I discovered the magic of Halloween, I stayed up late binging on candy! So I wasn't fasting and I hadn't really had much water to drink, so my test came back elevated...I didn't fail outright, but it was higher than normal, so now I have to do the three hour test! Whatever!

Now, on to the actual title of this blog post. First, post-election stuff. Unless you live under a rock, a very large rock, you all know we recently had mid-term elections. As predicted, the Republican party regained control of the House of Representatives and the Democratic party retained control of the Senate. I refuse to refer to the two major parties in this country as "the Republicans" and "the Democrats"...this is not the Hatfield's and the McCoy's, as much as many people would like to think differently. The whole "it's us against them" mentality. There is a lot of noise about not compromising...very much "It's our way or the highway!" Now, maybe I'm the only one who actually attended and listened in Government and Civics, but I'm fairly certain that compromise was one reason that we fought for our independence, we didn't want to have to bend to the will of one person or one group of people. Compromise is a major component of a working Democracy.

I don't usually get very political on the Internet, but I have to say that I have been interested in politics for pretty close to as long as I can remember. I turned ten years old on Election day in 1992, and when people asked me what I wanted for my birthday, I would tell them to go vote! My opinion is, if you're not going to exercise your right to vote, then you have no room to complain about the state of affairs in this country!

Okay, that's my political rant, now on to other observations. I have taken notice of my driving practices...I semi-jokingly tell people that I have a real problem with road I said, SEMI-joking...I get really annoyed when people do stupid stuff, like speed up to get in front of me, cut me off and then slow down to under the speed limit! That's another thing, I don't really like sticking to speed limits. People! They're not serious when the sign says 65, they mean more like 72...Also, apparently, having a lead foot is genetic, and genetics can't really be cured. Another thing, I learned to drive in Detroit where silly things like using one's turn signal and observing the speed limit are really just gentle suggestions...I can say with great certainty, that if you get on the freeway in and around Detroit and do the speed limit, you will encounter numerous people with a broken horn but fully functional fingers, if you catch my drift. I'm pretty sure that if I had learned to drive somewhere else, really anywhere else, I would not have these attitudes about driving! My motto is "Drive it like you stole it!"

Next observation, I like to do what I call "Sociological experiments" when I'm out and about. One that I used to do was to see how often I carded for any particular purpose when I was by myself versus when I'm out with Jason. In case you don't know, Jason is 11 years older than I am and you can clearly see that he is older than 21. I found that I would get carded every single time when I was alone, but only about a quarter of the time when I was with Jason.

Funny story about looking, or more accurately, not looking my age. It was still census time, and census workers were going door to door. One day, one of these census workers came to my door. I opened the front door and this very sweet woman said, "Hi! I'm so and so with the United States census. Is your mom home?" And I answered, "Well, ma'am, I am the, yes, I'm home..." She then followed up with, "Oh my goodness! I'm sorry! I thought you were a teenager!" In her defense, I didn't have ANY make-up on, I was wearing my glasses and I did not style my hair that day, and when wear or don't do those things, I do look MUCH younger than I am!

Anyway, on with another observation that follows the line of sociological experiments. I do not wear my engagement ring and wedding band when I take a shower, I don't want to get them tangled in my hair and I don't want all the soap crud to get in under the diamond in my engagement ring. Because I take them off when I take a shower, I don't always remember to put them back on when I get out of the shower. Sometimes, I end up going out without them on. And now with a two year old son and clearly pregnant belly, I get one of two reactions from people when they see my son and that I am clearly expecting another, and they come from complete opposite ends of the spectrum. I either get a reaction of "Oh! How wonderful! When are you due??" Or, I get people who refuse to make eye contact with me but are clearly disgusted with the fact that I am pregnant again and I'm not married...the conclusion of these experiments, people are very strange...

Anyway, we're getting ready for this baby girl to make her debut, and Boo is getting bigger and talks ALL THE TIME!! I feel for my mother now, I'm wildly surprised that she maintained any degree of sanity through our childhoods, especially when we were going through our "repeating phase" that I mean, repeating ourselves until she or really anybody answered us back!

Okay then, I think that's everything for now! I hope everyone is doing well!

TTFN! Ta Ta For Now!


Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Driving in Reno and other fun!

Hello again from Reno!

Let's get started on this super awesome update! That might be a bit of an exaggeration but I don't really care!

For starters, pregnancy stuff. I'm now a little over 32 weeks pregnant and it's going well, she is VERY active lately! I've discovered that she really likes hot apple cider! She is different from her brother in that she freaks out for only a few minutes when Jason comes home at the end of the day, Boo would freak out and keep moving for a couple of hours when Jason would come home at the end of the day! And to this day, Boo turns into a major spaz as soon as Jason walks through the door!

Now, OB/GYN stuff...Ugh! My current doctor almost made me go for a repeat glucose tolerance test because I suspect they were requesting that my previous doctor's office FAX them my when I called my previous doctor's office, I asked if they even had the results, yes they did and they could MAIL them but could not FAX them! So then I called my current doctor's office, and according to their person in medical records, my glucose test results had been mailed to them and added to my current records! YAY!! No repeat of the one hour glucose test! For those of you who have not experienced one, they aren't bad, but they certainly aren't fun! You drink this icky stuff that tastes like flat soda and is LOADED with sugar, and then you wait an hour and they do a blood draw to see if your body processed the sugar the way it was supposed to! I don't have gestational diabetes and I knew that without even taking the stupid test in the first place! WHATEVER!!

Now on to other Reno stuff! Last weekend, we took Boo to an actual pumpkin patch for the very first time! It was fun! It was actually about an hour south of us, just past Carson City...It was fun until Boo decided he was done and had himself a major meltdown! Luckily, we were able to get a couple of pumpkins and a couple of other things before we had to leave! I'll post pictures soon!

And finally, yet another reason why I am really liking Reno! The DMV here was a BREEZE to get through! Unlike in Henderson, where the DMV might as well change it's name to the Henderson Monument to Inefficiency! I had to go today to both change the address on my license, and while I was there, renew my license, and we were in and out in under 40 minutes, that included waiting in line to get a new picture taken! And one other awesome bit, when you walk in the door, there is a person there that you explain why you're there and she directs you to the proper line...Again unlike in Henderson, where you walk in and you stand in a line that is about 8000 people long, just to get to the information desk to explain to them why you are there and then get your number and wait for your number to be called! Today, I walked in, got in line, got my number, and sat down...when I sat down they were just calling up G455. My number was G462! It was AWESOME!! AND it was during what could be considered lunch time! I would tell you all that you all need to move to Reno just for the DMV, but then that would hose up the works for me...and ordinarily, I'm not a selfish person, but when it comes to having to go to the DMV and haul my child(ren) with me, I am very selfish!

I think that's about all! I hope everyone is doing well!

TTFN! Ta Ta For Now!


Monday, September 27, 2010

Feeling Whiny!

Hi Again All!

I'm really sorry, but I'm feeling really whiny and I don't really have anybody to piss and moan to other than those of you here in the blogosphere! So, again very sorry, but just go with it for a few minutes!

First, pregnancy gripes! When I was pregnant with Daemon (Boo, he goes by his nickname, which is Boo), it was really a very easy pregnancy...I was only moderately sick from about week 8 to week 12...and I only lost about 3 pounds and I didn't really have all the other crap that usually comes with being pregnant! And I only had some heartburn...

Well, this time, pregnancy has been COMPLETELY different!! And I understand that every pregnancy is different and a unique experience every time, but a little bit of similarity would be nice other than every time it ends with a baby being born...

This time, I was sick 24/7 from about week 7 to week 16...I ended up losing between 10 and 11 pounds. And it took several weeks to gain that weight back...and I haven't really gained much above what I weighed when I was first pregnant...

Now I'm to the point in the pregnancy when it's just uncomfortable to move, or sit or lay down...just uncomfortable...And I also have heartburn a little too often for my liking, I've started carrying a bottle of Tums with me everywhere I go! And I keep a bag of peppermint candy in the car when I can't get to the Tums...Oh! And I forgot the best part of this...Little Miss likes to make me eat spicy food...nice hot salsa and such...but then the kicker is that all that spicy food gives me killer heartburn, and the more I try to resist the spicy food craving, the more I want to eat!! Yet another no win situation...She's also up really high thus making it difficult to breathe quite often! Long story short, this has not been a particularly fun pregnancy!

And finally, I'm getting tired of picking up after people all day long! I am working on it with Boo...he's getting better, if I phrase it as "Boo get it!" then sometimes he will pick up his toys or whatever, but he's two, so I can't really expect a whole lot! I think most of this is just that I'm just generally tired, and lonely and wishing I had the ability to just hop on a private jet whenever I wanted so I could go and see my friends! Don't get me wrong, I've met some really cool people since we've been here, but it's still hard to pick up and move and try to make friends and find your way around simultaneously...

So, yeah, sorry about that little whine-fest I just needed to get that out! Hoping the next time won't be such a downer!

Anyway, I hope everyone is doing well! TTFN! Ta Ta For Now!


Friday, September 10, 2010


Hi again from Reno!!

This is going to be a nice scatter brained post of just some randomness that has been swimming around in my head!!

First, awesomeness around Reno! Today I decided I should finally get on the ball and try to find an OB so that I don't just have to go into the woods somewhere and bite down on a branch when this baby comes! I know I wouldn't have had to, but I also didn't want to be at the mercy of whatever random resident happened to be on call at the hospital! Anyway, so I called the doctor's office and they needed my records from my previous doctor and wanted to know if I had a preference as to what doctor takes me on as a I decided it would be faster (ended up not so much faster) and cheaper (that part worked out) to just take my packet of medical records up to the office. Well, the office is in Downtown Reno, so I got to see the "Reno: The biggest little city..." sign! Very exciting! Also, I drove by this antique shop called "Somewhere in Time". I love that movie so I thought it was a really neat name for an antique shop! Then I saw the most awesome name for a bar and grill not far from the river in Downtown Reno! It was called "Amendment 21"! AWESOME!! For those of you who don't know, we're going to have a quick US Constitution lesson...the 21st Amendment was the one that repealed prohibition, thus allowing for a place like "Amendment 21" to even exist today! And the final bit of Reno awesomeness for the day, I saw a guy hauling gear for the "Great Reno Balloon Races". I just thought it was cool, and maybe I've seen "The Wizard of Oz" a couple too many times, but I don't even understand how you would race hot air balloons...

Now on to less awesome stuff about Reno...first of all there is currently massive amounts of road construction going on, thus making it difficult to get places in a reasonable amount of time in some parts of the city! And if I weren't so freaked out by just driving around and exploring, it probably wouldn't be such a big deal...sadly, I have this totally irrational fear that I will get lost and never be able to find my way back!

So, like I said before, I dropped off my medical records to the doctor's office I would like to start going the way, I have an appointment with one of the doctor's next Wednesday! And I decided to mention that I am interested in at least attempting a VBAC (Vaginal Birth After Cesarean, get it?! It's an acronym!) and the girl at the front desk of a practice called "OBGYN Associates" didn't know what "VBAC" was short either she just answers phones and just doesn't concern herself with real patient relations, OR Nevada doctors just don't do very many VBAC procedures...I can't tell which!

Next, I was at Babies R Us yesterday just kind of looking at what my options were as far as a double stroller...and once I was done looking at all of that stuff, I found myself wandering around the "after pregnancy" aisle...nursing pads and whatnot...and I happened to see this thing that you wrap around your hips to bring them back to their pre-baby postition...and here's the thing that made me decide that it is a stupid's this one kind that has been designed by Dennis Quaid's wife...and yes Dennis Quaid and his wife have twins...but he's the kicker, SHE didn't CARRY or BIRTH those babies!! She has NO IDEA the kind of changes your body undergoes when pregnant and after birth!! I might be convinced to buy a product like that from a person like Michelle Duggar or even Heidi Klum, but not some chick who has never been pregnant!! As far as I'm concerned that ranks right up there with a man giving me nursing advice!!

And finally, I was looking at my latest issue of People Magazine, yes I read it and I like it!! And on the cover is this teen couple who was on that show "Teen Mom" on MTV, and they made the very mature decision to place their baby for adoption. The headline on the cover was "We miss our baby". Now, call me crazy, I'm pretty sure you'd have to have ice water running in your veins to NOT miss a child that you carried and got to know over the course of a pregnancy and then give it to another family! I just thought it was a stupid headline...of course they miss their baby! It's only natural!

Alright, hopefully my next post won't be so very random! I hope everyone is doing well! TTFN! Ta Ta For Now!!


Thursday, September 2, 2010

New Chapter, same book!

HOLY COW!! It's been a long, long time! Seven whole months!! Okay, let's play a little game of catch up!

For starters, Daemon is going to be a big brother! This December, we're expecting a little girl, her name is still to be determined! That is simply because we named Daemon before he was even born and it took me a good two weeks or so to be convinced that his name was in fact Daemon...but then he got a nickname and now he still doesn't look like his name is Daemon, he looks like "Boo"! I don't think there is a win in this one for me!

After the news that we are expanding our little family unit, it was a pretty slow spring and early summer...I had to give up running for the most part, now the only running I do is after Boo when he tries to be all independent! Also, with this pregnancy, this little girl apparently thought that mommy needed to lose a few pounds! She made me SOOOO sick! I lost about 10 pounds, and it took a few weeks to gain it back and I have yet to gain much more! I look like I'm smuggling a basketball!

Later in the summer, Jason decided it was time for a change, career wise...and combined with some less than desirable political issues at his former employer, he dedicated himself to finding a new job. As of right now, he is working in a contract to hire position for a company called PerTrac. It is out of the gaming industry, and yet still in Nevada, I know, CRAZY!! He is dealing more with financial institutions now, in fact they have pretty regular meetings with their offices in New York and London.

Along with the new job, came a move of what could be considered epic proportions for a pregnant mommy with a two year old. Jason's new job is in Reno, NV...also known as "The biggest little city". It really is! It totally has the feel of a small town, what with all the open space in and around the city! By the way, not a super fun drive, Vegas to's a whole lot of nothing...until you get to a little town called Fallon, which has a Wal-Mart AND corn fields!! People here are super polite and they drive less aggressively than I'm used to! Although that has helped as I have been trying to learn my way around this week! But, I have found Starbucks, Target, Wal-Mart and a few grocery stores, I might just be able to do this! Now, I just need to find a doctor!

One of the super cool things I've seen since being here, I was at Wal-Mart and I saw a whole bunch of hippie-type people and they all seemed to know each other and they were all stocking up on camping supplies so I figured it was either a hippie convention in Reno, or the apocalypse was coming soon and it was hitting in Reno! Jason had also taken notice of the large number of rented campers we had seen on our drive from finally I had had enough of wondering what the hell was going on and saw a couple checking stuff off of their list, so I walked up and asked what was up. In fact, what I actually said was, "There are a lot of people who look like they are going camping and you all seem to know each other, what's the deal?" They are all going to this festival called "Burning Man". For those of you not in the know, Burning Man is like a post-modern, techno, pagan Woodstock where they light this 45 foot guy on fire! It's out in the middle of the desert without any modern conveniences, hence the mass quantities of camping supplies! And I'm not exaggerating when I say MASS quantities, I saw people with 3 and 4 carts trailing behind them!

Anyway, that's about all, we're pulling the apartment together, we've got it just about unpacked...hopefully we'll get it all done by this weekend! We are really liking Reno, we LOVE the weather here, and like I said the people have been very polite, and it's much more laid back than Vegas, that might take a little getting used to! But I'm sure I'll manage!

Stay tuned for more updates from Reno! TTFN! Ta Ta For Now!


Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Running Report

Hi All!

I finally got the six miles done that I wanted to get done! Jason and I are using this week to test a running schedule...I get Monday, Wednesday and Friday and he gets Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. Like I said, we're using this week to test it out and see how we like it...if it doesn't work, then we'll figure something else out.

I tried to run on Saturday and like an idiot, I tried to go in the middle of the day and that didn't work out very well (I usually run at night). I only made it about two and a half miles, and that just made me mad! Mostly because I kept having some lung issues and I felt like I couldn't really breathe...

Last night I made it 6.69 miles, and for those of you reading this who know where Robindale Road is, I stayed on Robindale and went down to Green Valley Parkway then turned around and stayed on Robindale and went down to Paradise Road then turned around and headed back home. I wasn't really fast on average (only 4.7 mph) but I also got stuck at a few corners where the light took a while to change and my pedometer takes that into account, all the times that I stop and it messes up my average a little bit.

Sorry that was really boring, and if you're not interested in running and training for road races and such, then this blog may not be a lot of fun to read...oh well...

Anyway, I think that's all for now! TTFN! Ta Ta For Now!


Thursday, January 28, 2010

Back to Running!

Hi All!

I don't know if I've mentioned that this is not just a family blog, but also a running blog as well. I plan on posting and updating you on my progress as a runner, and on my progress as a mother as I figure out how this whole parenthood thing works!

So today is the first thing...running. I went running last night, just a short run, since Jason went along with me and he didn't want to do six miles. So we only did about 2.6 miles...kind of disappointing, since I had a particular distance in mind...on the plus side it only took us about half an hour to get it done. I might go running again tonight, we'll see what happens...

Also, I'm on the search for a running buddy...I've done this search a few times with no real results, since everybody who responds lives at least a thousand miles away! Maybe I'll try finding someone from church...

Anyway, that's all, hope everyone is doing well!

TTFN! Ta Ta For Now!


Wednesday, January 13, 2010


So here I am, I'm a member of the blogosphere...I've done some blogging before, on my myspace page, but never anything formal like this before.

So I suppose I could start by telling you a little bit about our family...

My name is Meredith. My husband, Jason and I met about eight and a half years ago at a single adults activity through our church. Jason rode in my car and in an effort to be more outgoing, I unleashed my inner cheerleader on him. I turned to him and I said, "Okay, now you can't ride in my car unless I know your name! Now, I know Ranelle, and I know Nicole, now who are you?!" And he simply answered, "Hi, I'm Jason." It wasn't until a few weeks later until I learned his last name and realized which family he belonged to...and then I realized that just a few years earlier, his mother had been an adviser in our church's organization for young women. Let's just say that the first time Jason brought me home to meet his parents was a touch on the awkward side.

We got married on June 15, 2002 in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan. We are lucky enough to only have to travel to one place to see both families, my family and his family live a little over 4 miles apart and they attend the same church.

After we were married, we moved to Salem, Oregon where Jason had a job as a senior computer software engineer with a company that wrote dental practice management software. We ended up moving to Las Vegas in July (of all the months in the year, we chose JULY!!) of 2003 when Jason had been offered a job with a gaming software company here in the valley. He is currently working for another gaming company in their corporate offices, but instead of writing software for slot machines, he now writes software for use in the sports book (where you place your bets on sporting events) for a chain of local casinos.

We had been married for just short of six years when we were blessed with the birth of our sweet son, Daemon Devereaux. He is such a wonderful blessing in our lives and each day is an adventure, especially since he started walking in July 2009! Hence the title of this blog, "Run, run, run!"

I am currently a stay at home mom with our son, although I am attempting to get through school, albeit not as quickly as some would like. I think I am studying to become a nurse...but that could become something else, I never really had the opportunity to explore different classes to see what it was that I really wanted to do...we'll see what the universe has in store for me!

My hobbies include cooking, running and when I have the energy, reading a good book. I also enjoy finding and catching up with old friends on facebook and sites like it! I have enjoyed cooking and reading for some time, but running is a new found hobby. For a long time I resisted the fact that I seem to be a fairly natural distance runner. I tried my hand at sprinting and that was just a dumb idea! I just don't have the muscle structure for sprinting! But I can run long distances pretty well!

In an effort to kick myself in the butt and get on with the process of developing this hobby, I entered and ran in my very first road race ever! Sane people would have started small with something like a 5K or 10K if they were feeling nutty! Not me! No sir! I started big (and crazy)! I ran in the Rock 'n' Roll Las Vegas Marathon and Half marathon on December 6, 2009! I had a goal of finishing in three hours and I beat my goal with a final time of 2:54:25!

I am still running and contemplating entering other road races, both locally and nationwide. We'll have to see how things shake out!

I hope this wasn't too boring for you! My subsequent posts won't be quite as long, unless I get really revved up about something and have to get it out before it makes my brain explode!

Hope this finds everyone happy and healthy! TTFN Ta Ta For Now!