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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Driving in Reno and other fun!

Hello again from Reno!

Let's get started on this super awesome update! That might be a bit of an exaggeration but I don't really care!

For starters, pregnancy stuff. I'm now a little over 32 weeks pregnant and it's going well, she is VERY active lately! I've discovered that she really likes hot apple cider! She is different from her brother in that she freaks out for only a few minutes when Jason comes home at the end of the day, Boo would freak out and keep moving for a couple of hours when Jason would come home at the end of the day! And to this day, Boo turns into a major spaz as soon as Jason walks through the door!

Now, OB/GYN stuff...Ugh! My current doctor almost made me go for a repeat glucose tolerance test because I suspect they were requesting that my previous doctor's office FAX them my when I called my previous doctor's office, I asked if they even had the results, yes they did and they could MAIL them but could not FAX them! So then I called my current doctor's office, and according to their person in medical records, my glucose test results had been mailed to them and added to my current records! YAY!! No repeat of the one hour glucose test! For those of you who have not experienced one, they aren't bad, but they certainly aren't fun! You drink this icky stuff that tastes like flat soda and is LOADED with sugar, and then you wait an hour and they do a blood draw to see if your body processed the sugar the way it was supposed to! I don't have gestational diabetes and I knew that without even taking the stupid test in the first place! WHATEVER!!

Now on to other Reno stuff! Last weekend, we took Boo to an actual pumpkin patch for the very first time! It was fun! It was actually about an hour south of us, just past Carson City...It was fun until Boo decided he was done and had himself a major meltdown! Luckily, we were able to get a couple of pumpkins and a couple of other things before we had to leave! I'll post pictures soon!

And finally, yet another reason why I am really liking Reno! The DMV here was a BREEZE to get through! Unlike in Henderson, where the DMV might as well change it's name to the Henderson Monument to Inefficiency! I had to go today to both change the address on my license, and while I was there, renew my license, and we were in and out in under 40 minutes, that included waiting in line to get a new picture taken! And one other awesome bit, when you walk in the door, there is a person there that you explain why you're there and she directs you to the proper line...Again unlike in Henderson, where you walk in and you stand in a line that is about 8000 people long, just to get to the information desk to explain to them why you are there and then get your number and wait for your number to be called! Today, I walked in, got in line, got my number, and sat down...when I sat down they were just calling up G455. My number was G462! It was AWESOME!! AND it was during what could be considered lunch time! I would tell you all that you all need to move to Reno just for the DMV, but then that would hose up the works for me...and ordinarily, I'm not a selfish person, but when it comes to having to go to the DMV and haul my child(ren) with me, I am very selfish!

I think that's about all! I hope everyone is doing well!

TTFN! Ta Ta For Now!